bcu – backing our Club

bcu – Backing Woolgoolga Boardriders Club, supporting our region

bcu provides a fair go banking alternative to everyone across the region, with access to loans, savings, transaction and investment products with fairer fees, flexible features and great service. bcu supports the Woolgoolga Boardriders Club, along with other initiatives and organisations helping to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Unlike the banks, bcu doesn’t have any external shareholders, so their profits are reinvested back in to the community through employment and services, programs to support business and education, and sponsorships to clubs just like ours.

bcu - Backing Woolgoolga Boardriders Clubbcu also supports our young boardriders with the Scoot’s super savers program which aims to teach children from 0-13 years the benefits of saving money through rewards, competitions, fun and games and the offer of bonus interest. If you are looking for a way to encourage great savings habits in your children, click here.

So if you’re passionate about the region we live in, next time you pay interest on your mortgage or credit card, take a moment to think about where your money is going. Is it staying in our region to benefit the people who live, work and own businesses here? If not, maybe it’s time to switch to bcu.

Thanks bcu, for backing the Woolgoolga Boardriders Club.

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